(no updates, no contact till 25.07.13)

Test merkava or merkava bot 48 hours with all functions - you wont find anything better for darkorbit!

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Features of Merkava & Merkava Bot



- shows invisible ships

- shows enemies at the minimap as a red square

- shows the shild & hitpoints of the enemie in exact numbers


- select automaticly the closest target (enemie or npc)

- select vru, mmo,eic and npcs or only clan-enemies

- mix automaticly selected laser (for example rsb+x4)

- mix automaticly selected rockets with pld8


- considered youre diplomatics (alliance, nap, war)

- Group strike mode (klick at the ship witch you want to help and ad it to the list. Youre ship will shoot automaticly the same enemie -verry usefull !


- Collect palladium at 5.3 full automaticly!

(change configuration; charge youre shild & hp; answer attacks from npc or enemies, collect verry good

(its funny to see youre ship killing a attacker ;)


- replaces diplomacy,repair, rocket launching processor

 ( you will have 3 more free slots !)


- defends youre station semi automaticly

(for example it select youre war enemie and start to shoot when he/she is next to you. It shoots with all laser and rocket combinations)


- will put a smile to youre face, even you have lags !






Merkava Bot


!!Buy merkava from 03.07.13 - get merkava bot for free!!


!!!Guardian angel mode (beta-version)!!!


(Login with merkava, invite youre bots [5 maximum] - go hunt.

youre bots will protect you and will shoot the same target like you)


- change the configuration at the point you set!

(for example: change confi at 40% shild, go repair if youre shild is lower than 60% or youre hitpoints lower than 90%)


- using 4 stategies for escape from a enemie:


1. flee if you see a enemie

2. flee if you getting attacked

3. flee and shoot back

4. dont flee - try to kill



!!!- log out after x death per hour ( safe youre drohns ) !!!

- switch configuration every x minutes !

  (for buying rockets)

- collect boxes, cargos and resourches

- sell resourches if the ship is full

- shoots all npc´s in the distance you select



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